Anne Baker
Anne BakerChair
The saying ‘if you want something doing give it to a busy person’ is very apt for me. My life is hectic at times being a Career Coach with a grown-up family and now I’m heavily involved in running The Global Village Café.

We started last October and since then, working with a great and very diverse team of Trustees, we have catered for an increasing number of events. My ethos is simply about togetherness and being valued which I hope we are achieving through this social enterprise. We employ and train some amazingly talented people who like to express themselves through food. Outside of this busy project I try to do my bit to save this wonderful planet and am committed to keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible. I love the countryside and open air as well as spending time with my two grown daughters and my lovely new granddaughter.

Aida Chelnd
Aida ChelndChef
I am from the Nuba Mountain region of Sudan. I fled from violence there and asked God to protect my family. I am married with 3 children. First, we went to Egypt and I became known as Mama Aida, cooking for 500 children at the African Hope School in Cairo. This was a very happy time for me as I love doing God’s work in the kitchen and listening to the children. I am thankful that God has led me and my family to Lancaster. I am improving my English and learning to play the violin. I now have a part-time job and my children are safe here. I enjoy working with The Global Village Café and proud to be part of this project and preparing food from my home Country.
Philip Coughlan
Philip CoughlanStrategic Planning & Finance
I am retired Management Consultant with three grown up children and I live in Lancaster. I enjoy the outdoors, travelling, sport (confined mostly to watching these days), good food and good company.

I feel very lucky to be involved with the Global Village Café because it is such a worthwhile project. I often reflect on how fortunate I have been to live my life in a safe, secure, peaceful and ordered society where I have been able to raise a family in the knowledge that they would benefit from things we sometimes take for granted; cradle to grave healthcare, education, the rule of law, freedom from hunger, cold and war. The asylum seekers and refuges cannot say the same.

This enterprise provides the opportunity for our new arrivals to improve their English and to learn catering, management and teamwork skills. They also get the chance to showcase the food from their homeland which helps cultural understanding and tolerance while reducing prejudice and fear of difference. Apart from all that, it’s great fun and the food is so good.

Emma Foster
Emma FosterDirector, Project Manager & Secretary
I live in Lancaster with my husband, Andy and am happily retired after a long career in NHS management. I’m now enjoying doing things for love rather than money! I’m a carer for my Mum and share my family home with refugees making their way in the UK after being granted leave to remain.
Liz Hayes
Liz HayesDirector/Operations & Volunteer Manager
I have set up and co-run two local catering businesses and am delighted to be part of Global Village Café with its aims to bring local people and those newly arrived in Lancaster together through food. I live with my partner and our 3 school aged children and like being outdoors cycling and walking. I enjoy growing and cooking food and love working with our chefs to learn new dishes.
Huda Murtadha
Huda MurtadhaDirector
I am from Iraq and have BA in Business and Administration. I worked in a different international organisations and local companies, mainly in the Accounting and Finance departments, which became my passion and my career as well.
I am looking forward to gaining professional accreditation in accounting by studying Associated of Charted Certified Accountants (ACCA) and become a chartered accountant. I am on my first steps to achieve my dream by studying Associated of Accounting Technicians (AAT).
I love Cooking and enjoy presenting the food in the most elegant and stylish way and have been involved with The Global Village Café as Head Chef and now as one of the Directors. The project is a wonderful way to help integrate the refugee community and share the many cultures through the food we prepare and serve.

We were so glad that Global Village Cafe agreed to take on the cafe for our annual potato day festival.  We really enjoyed them being part of the event.   The food was very tasty with many  creative ways of presenting potatoes in new ways which we had asked for.  There were many, many positive comments on how delicious the food tasted as well as looking great.    In particular the attention to detail and the care taken in preparing the food was really impressive.  Even better than the fabulous food though was the wonderful atmosphere in the kitchen, the enthusiasm and good humour were infectious despite the very real pressures of creating such a large quantity of food.  I would very happily recommend these lovely people.  You are in for a treat.

Sam Moisha, for Transition City Lancaster

We found Global Village Cafe to be very professional when they worked with us to plan our lunch party for 40 guests. So we were able to start the day with no concerns about how the day would go.

Their attention to detail and willingness to source appropriate ingredients was impressive as was their care about dietry requirements.
Our guests thought that the chefs provided them with a delicious and memorable meal and we felt they excelled and exceeded our expectations.

They left the kitchen spotless.

Ann Morgan
We have hired the Global Village Cafe to cater at several events. The food is always delicious and professionally prepared. We have not yet had a single person who hasn’t liked it!
Gisela Renolds, Manager, Global Link

We really appreciated the lovely food, and the care that was taken to cope with dietary needs and preferences. We were really glad to have our food supplied by The Global Village Cafe, which not only resulted in great catering for us, but also fitted really well with our testimonies to social responsibility.

Ben Foley, Quakers in Britain

‘The food provided was better than we could have imagined. All the guests commented on how fantastic everything tasted and the meat-eaters didn’t even notice it was all vegan. The variety of food (salads, stew, cous cous) meant everyone was happy. And having someone take all the stress out of cooking for family and friends was brilliant!’

Rebecca Joy Novell, Lancashire County Council